Hide.io App Game

Hide.io is a mobile app game where you can live online hide and seek with multiple players around the world. Become an object, detect others, and survive to win!

What is Hide.io?

It’s possible for you to play a great match like that with Hide.io if you have ever expected to enjoy the larger game of Hide and Seek. It is one of the most exciting .iO games that you will be addicted right from the moment you step into the map. Additionally, that feeling will follow you during the journey. You can immerse yourself in another wonderful world, seize the opportunity to compete against plenty of players and prove your ability at a time. If you are a loyal fan of multiplayer games, you should not miss. Just engage the mission your way and try to become the top winner!

Hide.io App Game

About Hide.io Game – A Mobile App Offered By iGene

Revive childhood with Hide.io! It is an amazing real-time multiplayer online strategy game where you are allowed to play live hide and seek with numerous people all over the world in a larger filed. Hide.io is available instantly on Google Play and ready for you to download! The game that you are going to join contains many unique and fantastic features from graphics to the gameplay. In the land that you will discover, you will have the chance to expand of sight with many different maps such as Stadium, Military Warehouse, School, and other locations. Indeed, once you embark on your job, you are able to get through a variety of cool areas.

When the first stage is booted, you will have to quickly find a good position to hide in which nobody can ever detect you. Note that you are not the single player here! There are multiple rivals in the surroundings. They come from other regions worldwide. While others are hiding, you are recommended to keep an eye on the environment. In Hide.io, you must look for and collect hidden objects. Special items will allow you to camouflage and avoid being seen or hunt for on an epic scale as well as punch their hiding spot. Bazookas are effective to assist you. However, hitting the incorrect place will drain the own stamina significantly. In other words, your task is to reveal the hiding opponent and keep out of sight of everybody around. You will be an entity and choose an ideal point to conceal your body. If you survive for 3 minutes or gather every necessary unseen thing that is tongue, you will win.

Controls of Hide.io

When you accept to play Hide.io on your mobile devices, you are advised to learn how to master keys swiftly because they will easily support you to direct the character and handle every situation in the path. Controls are so simple. You can get used to it in approximately 10 minutes at maximum. There are three options from the settings menu to choose from, including Dual joystick, dual touch joystick, and button touch joystick. You can change the name whenever. But, that will cost you a lot of coins. The fastest method to earn extra money is to use the Hide.io hack.

Play Hide.io Online For Free

Hide.io is also a free online .iO game in the future. If you want to enjoy the game on PC, you will have the time to experience an awesome adventure. There will not be any change made to the online version. Nevertheless, you can see clearer and everything will be zoomed out. Your aim consists of trying to stay alive until the end, uncover concealed objects and keep away from being exposed too soon.

Hide.io Mod

Hide.io Mod will bring back to you many different amazing features to pick from. If you are a fan of multiplayer iO games, you should not ignore digging much more and using the mod so you can access other mysteries which did not appear in the original. The mod will consist of new skins, in-game functions, and so on. You will have a better experience with these and get an edge over the adversary. Download the mod for free and install it on your device now!

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