About Hide.io

Hide.io is a real-time online game. It’s available for you to play with multiple opponents! Hide and seek together on various maps considered as the most amazing feature. When you spawn, try to keep out of sight and look for other players as fast as possible. In other words, you will become an object and attempt to conceal from the view of everybody well like you are a part of the surroundings from the start. Be it and search for all of the hidden items. It is the main objective that you should finish once you step into the journey in Hide.io. Especially, you will win if you are able to survive for 3 minutes as what you have camouflaged. In case you gather undercover pieces that are tongue, you also conquer the difficulty. After each stage, you can level up and explore another much more interesting challenge. Let’s enjoy and share with your friends right now!

How To Play Hide.io

Choose Dual joystick, dual touch joystick, and button touch joystick to play.

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