About is a nice free online multiplayer shooting game set in a corner of a strange 3d city. Enter the massive arena with the class that you choose and get ready to conquer the mode that you are joining. You are able to achieve that goal and take over the top position on the leaderboard once you are successful in collecting the best score and killing the most enemies. Obviously, it is not easy to climb up to the spot that you want and rule the map. You can get troubles coming from your opponents and your ammunition. These hostile characters are cunning and smart. They can lure and ]cause damage to you if you fall into their traps. Therefore, you are advised to act and move cautiously. However, it is quite difficult because everything in the combat happens too fast to control. Keep calm and find out the proper strategies! Good luck!

How To Play

Hit WASD to walk, Space to jump, Shift to crouch, LMB to shoot, R to reload, F to spray paint.

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