Little Big Snake

About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a good io game inspired by Slither style. With the mechanics like the original, you are able to use the same strategies to beat opponents and conquer the top spot in the short time. Enter a lifelike world called Swirl and defend against all creatures there. Keep in mind that the size is not the most crucial key! But, you also need to gain mass to speed up and set traps easier. Crawl and stick tongue to eat orbs or the remains of murdered guys. Watch out! You can look at the mini-map to know how to avoid Kings and other characters. Not only that, avoid colliding with rocks or you will explode immediately. If your journey ends, you can open up another game named Juja’s. In which, you will play as a small bug. Fly around, collect nectar, fight against slugs and jujas. When you level up or earn gems, you can unlock or buy many exciting upgrades. Do not forget to share with your buddies!

How To Play Little Big Snake

Use the mouse to control your snake, Hit left mouse button to boost speed.

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