About game is an awesome bach fighting. Control a boy or girl that you love and get ready to destroy all of the existing opponents in the shortest time. With strong special balls and other dangerous projectiles, you are able to wipe out the enemy and earn the highest ranking as you want. Charged missiles will deal more damage to the target. However, you will become very vulnerable at that moment. Additionally, you will move slower. Aside from the weapon, you will have the chance to check out another amazing ability called crafting. Indeed, you are allowed to create sand cubes, build structures or make a shield if necessary. Not only that, it is ready to give you plenty of interesting power-ups such as sunglasses. Just choose the item that suitable for your style. Are you willing to play and win? Try to level up and obtain the best score? Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrows to move, the mouse to aim, left click to fire. Hold LMB to charge a projectile, release to fire. Hold LMB longer after the charged projectile reaches its max size in order to craft sand cubes.

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