Master Baiter

About Master Baiter

Master Baiter is an interesting multiplayer ocean io game in which you can practice your fishing skill and much more. It is a great playfield where you are able to use the given fishing rod to catch fishes and earn a lot of money. The adventure will be set on a strange beach and you will have the chance to collect a big series of sea creatures that you have never seen before. However, the story of you in Master Baiter unblocked will become more exciting with the appearance of online opponents. In order to take over the top spot, you need to seek the biggest of all sooner than those people. Play Master Baiter free you will have to manipulate your experience to achieve better piers. When you save enough cash, you can enter the shop and purchase equipment. They will be upgrades that allow you to win against competitors and conquer the rankings faster. Good luck!

How To Play Master Baiter

Use WASD keys to guide your player to move, the mouse cursor to spin around, Left mouse to throw the fishing rod, G to drop fishes, B to purchase tools

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