About is great Battle Royale style game where you are able to obtain lots of exciting upgrades. Play with hundreds of people throughout the real world and gather together on the same playfield which is set on an abandoned island. Your mission is to be the last survivor standing. Thus, you need to defend yourself until the match ends. After you land on the map, do not forget to equip the best weapons. Aside from that, you should collect power-ups in order to regain your health or increase the ability to shoot down your enemies. If you want to stay alive, you must avoid moving to the red zone which will emit a toxic gas. It causes you to take more damage and die sooner. In case you are in dangerous situations and you cannot solve them, you can speed up and run away without difficulty. Let’s explore the Free For All mode and win the top spot!

How To Play

Roam around the map with the mouse. Press LMB or Space to shoot, RMB or W to run away, Q to switch weapons.

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