Join an exciting command and conquer style game called MONWAR.IO! This is also one of the best Tower Defense RPG games you can play online in your browser. When you enter the game, you take control of a noble king who is in charge of an epic army that is fated to dominate the land. At first, you will begin with a small-sized army, and through over time, you must expand it to become much larger. Developing an army requires you to have a lot of resources, so you will go around the map to gather as many resources as possible then utilize them to keep your army upgraded. In addition, you should even build some settlements, form many buildings as well as increase the flow of precious resources. When the battle arrives, you must send your units out into the fight to kill the enemies as well as vanquish everything standing in your way. Will you become the most powerful King of all? Try it now!


Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Click the left mouse to assault and use number keys for summoning a unit. 

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