About is a brilliant RPG game opening a big world filled with many wicked monsters. You should have everything ready before stepping into this arena where you have to conquer all monsters for your survival. is also a team-based game, which means you will work as a team with your allies so as to finish off all evil monsters. When you step further into the tower, more monsters will pop up getting in your ay, and they are way tougher to cope with. Therefore, you’d better keep your equipment upgraded, also, level up yourself so you can get more strength. Do not leave your teammates! It’s crucial to stick with each other to give your team a higher chance of winning. contains a lot of nice features to explore, especially many kinds of character classes to try, also, it will let you freely perform all of the skills you have. Wish you luck!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse or arrow keys to fire, use keys Q/E or keys 1-4 for using a skill.

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