SMISMI.ONLINE is a super fun MMORPG. Play the new game based on the great Agario style and be the strongest Queen! Additionally, do not forget to build up the biggest team. Start off with slime and some minions the first step that you can implement in SMISMI.ONLINE is to destroy everything around, for example, trees, buildings, or cars. These objects will provide more resources and increase the number of followers. When your clan grows bigger, you can embark on the real hunt. In other words, you are able to explore corners in the city of SMISMI.ONLINE and find more food from your opponents. When you swallow weaker targets, they will be turned into the same color and become your members. Besides, you need to conquer the timer. Each round will only last for a few minutes. Are you ready to ruin the playfield and dominate the leaderboard? Good luck!


Use the mouse to move your team

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