About is a free online Agario style game about a match against multiple people. It is set on an ice playfield in which you need to eliminate all foes to become the top player. Take control of a single character and gather snow on the map to make snowballs before launching them at those that you have aimed. These items will be a deadly weapon to remove opponents in Be careful! Somebody can do the same for you while you are attacking others. So, it’s necessary to look out or you can be killed suddenly. Try to avoid hits for survival! has a series of platforms where you will collect power-ups while roaming. However, those areas can be knocked off. Remember to keep away from the edge before it’s too late! Get ready to achieve new skins, including Santa’s sleigh and penguins! Besides, you are able to change your color and select modes that you love. Have fun!

How To Play

Hold LMB to move and make balls. Release that button to shoot.

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