About Xplo.io

Xplo.io is an awesome Agario style game developed by Arturs Lukjanenoks. You will take control of a giant cell and it is a special item because it is able to throw grenades and drop deadly mines. After you accept to take part in the new challenge, you should roam around the battlefield and collect all of the power-ups. They may be the ammunition for your character. Be careful! You have to stay away from other stronger players. They can spot, chase, and eliminate you in a wink by releasing explosives or launching small bombs. In Xplo.io, both of them are considered as the main weapon. While you are gathering objects like ammo, you can loot blue circles to boost your health and increase the chance to survive. Additionally, you can withstand a greater number of attacks. Are you ready to engage the fierce combat and dominate the arena? Good luck!

How To Play Xplo.io

Use Space to throw a grenade, W to drop a mine.

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